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VN-USPA (08/27/08)

NAP-PERSONA-The World Photography Day, 2008

Tony Le Kim Thuan APSA ESFIAP
Chairman of United States Photographic Alliance “USPA”
President of Image Colleague Society “ICS”
FIAP Liaison Officer US
Honorary Advisor Committee Member of “NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY”,
Honorary Member of “PERSONA” etc.

Hi !

How are you?
Thank you very much for selecting the prestigious Honor of USPA.

We have finished our Invited International Exhibition “NAP-PERSONA-The World Photography Day, 2008” successfully.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by Sri Wasim Kapoor – Eminent Painter, along with the Guests of Honour Sri Bickram Ghosh – Eminent Musician & Sm Joya Seal – Eminent Actor and the distinguished Photo-Artists of Kolkata on 17th of August 2008 at 06:00 p.m. at NANDAN – the West Bengal film center, one of the most Prestigious Cultural Center of INDIA.

In those 8 days a huge crowd was observe our Exhibition.

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